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About Mike's Commercial Wallcovering

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  • Commercial Wall Covering Specialist
  • Longest Established Wallpaper Dealer In Brooklyn
  • We Carry All Weights Designs And Textures To Match Your Specs.
  • We Have The Best Prices In Nyc
  • All Our Commercial Wall Coverings Are Discounted. Buy Direct And Save!
  • We Include Free Shipping
  • Expert Advice And Integrity On Every Order
  • Heavy weight vinyl and fabric back wall covering large selection of patterns, textures and weaves, faux and grass cloth patterns, faux Venetian & stucco patterns.
  • Primer and wall covering paste in stock
  • Full line of wall covering hanging supplies
  • Wall coverings available in 54 inch width. Some designs available in 27 inch widths

Our Brands

We carry popular brands including:

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